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Vacancies Physics of Fluids, Department Science and Technology

The Physics of Fluids group works on a variety of aspects in fluid mechanics, in particular on those related to bubbles. The focus of our work is the fundamental understanding the phenomena of the physics of fluids, bubbles and jets, which we undertake by experimental, numerical and theoretical means. Within the group both fundamental and applied work, in close collaboration with industrial partners, is done. Our research is embedded in the TechMed Institute in Twente and the J.M. Burgers Research Center for fluid mechanics (JMBC). The group receives external research funds from FOM, ERC, EU, STW, NWO, SenterNovem, and several industrial partners. 

Currently there are 6 open positions

  1. PhD positions - Melting & dissolution across scales in multicomponent systems
  2. PhD position - Self-propelling nematic droplets
  3. PhD position 1 (f/m/d): Large-scale weather effects in wind farm simulations
  4. PhD position 3 (f/m/d): Simulations of offshore wind farm turbulence
  5. PhD position 4 (f/m/d): Assessing the interplay between wind farms and clouds
  6. PhD position 5 (f/m/d): Large-scale impact of wind farms on atmospheric flow

Vacancies at institutes:

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