PhD position 5 (f/m/d): Large-scale impact of wind farms on atmospheric flow

Are you curious about the intricacies of fluid mechanics, the complexities of turbulence, the capabilities of highperformance computing, and the vast potential of wind energy? If groundbreaking research excites you and you're keen to join a diverse team, we offer an exhilarating opportunity. We invite you to investigate how wind farms influence the performance of adjacent farms. This research is crucial, as we envision numerous wind farms in regions like the North Sea, yet the interactions among these wind farm clusters remain largely unexplored. This PhD project is part of the ERC Consolidator Grant project WINDFLOW, which strives to develop groundbreaking large-eddy simulation strategies for wind farm flows. Your research will develop a fundamental understanding of wind farms' large-scale impact on moisture transport, atmospheric stability, cloud dynamics, turbulent transport within the atmosphere, and the interactions between wind farms. This project represents an opportunity for us to advance our collective knowledge of fluid and atmospheric dynamics relevant to wind energy. Join us in pushing the boundaries of wind energy fluid mechanics research! More details can be found here.

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Richard Stevens (PoF)

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