Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

Also known as: Microfluid Nanofluidics
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Particle distribution and velocity in electrokinetically induced banding
M. Rossi, A. Marin, N. Cevheri, C.J. Kähler, and M. Yoda
Microfluid Nanofluidics 23, 67 (2019)BibTeΧ


Investigation of the effects of time periodic pressure and potential gradients on viscoelastic fluid flow in circular narrow confinements
T. Nguyen, D. van der Meer, A. van den Berg, and J.C.T. Eijkel
Microfluid Nanofluidics 21, 37 (2017)BibTeΧ


Study of the geometry in a 3D flow-focusing device
E. Castro-Hernández, M.P. Kok, M. Versluis, and D. Fernández Rivas
Microfluid Nanofluidics 20, 40 (2016)BibTeΧ


Irrigant transport into dental microchannels
B. Verhaagen, C. Boutsioukis, C.P. Sleutel, E. Kastrinakis, L.W.M. van der Sluis, and M. Versluis
Microfluid Nanofluidics 16, 1165–1177 (2013)BibTeΧ

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