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Enhancing acoustic cavitation using artificial crevice bubbles
A.G. Zijlstra, D. Fernández Rivas, H.J.G.E. Gardeniers, M. Versluis, and D. Lohse
Ultrasonics 56, 512–523 (2015)BibTeΧ


The efficiency and stability of bubble formation by acoustic vaporization of submicron perfluorocarbon droplets
N. Reznik, O. Shpak, E.C. Gelderblom, R. Williams, N. de Jong, M. Versluis, and P.N. Burns
Ultrasonics 53, 1368–1376 (2013)BibTeΧ


Reflector-based phase calibration of ultrasound transducers
P.L. van Neer, H.J. Vos, and N. de Jong
Ultrasonics 51, 1–6 (2011)BibTeΧ


Clinical relevance of pressure-dependent scattering at low acoustic pressures
M. Emmer, H.J. Vos, A. van Wamel, D.E. Goertz, M. Versluis, and N. de Jong
Ultrasonics 47, 74–77 (2007)BibTeΧ


Nitric oxide delivery by ultrasonic cracking: Some limitations
M. Postema, A. Bouakaz, F.J. ten Cate, G. Schmitz, N. de Jong, and A. van Wamel
Ultrasonics 44 Supplement, e109–e113 (2006)BibTeΧ


Experimental evaluation of a non-linear coded excitation method for contrast imaging
J.M. Borsboom, C.T. Chin, and N. de Jong
Ultrasonics 42, 671–675 (2004)BibTeΧ
Radionuclide tumour therapy with ultrasound contrast microbubbles
A. van Wamel, A. Bouakaz, B. Bernard, F.J. ten Cate, and N. de Jong
Ultrasonics 42, 903–906 (2004)BibTeΧ
Noninvasive microbubble-based pressure measurements: a simulation study
M. Postema, A. Bouakaz, and N. de Jong
Ultrasonics 42, 759–762 (2004)BibTeΧ
Feasibility of 3D harmonic contrast imaging
M.M. Voormolen, A. Bouakaz, B.J. Krenning, C.T. Lancée, F.J. ten Cate, and N. de Jong
Ultrasonics 42, 739–743 (2004)BibTeΧ


The acoustics of diagnostic microbubbles: dissipative effects and heat deposition
S. Hilgenfeldt and D. Lohse
Ultrasonics 38, 99–104 (2000)BibTeΧ

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