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High-frame-rate contrast-enhanced ultrasound particle image velocimetry in patients with a stented superficial femoral artery: a feasibility study[Open Access]
M. van Helvert, S. Engelhard, J. Voorneveld, M.S. van der Vee, J.G. Bosch, M. Versluis, E. Groot Jebbink, and M. Reijnen
European Radiology Experimental 6:32, 1–14 (2022)BibTeΧ


Matrix 3D ultrasound-assisted thyroid nodule volume estimation and radiofrequency ablation: a phantom study[Open Access]
J.T. Boersen, S. Braak, M. Versluis, and S. Manohar
European Radiology Experimental 5:31, 1–10 (2021)BibTeΧ

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