Advanced Functional Materials

Also known as: AFM
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Multicore Liquid Perfluorocarbon-Loaded Multimodal Nanoparticles for Stable Ultrasound and 19F MRI Applied to In Vivo Cell Tracking
O. Koshkina, G.P.R. Lajoinie, F. Baldelli Bombelli, E. Swider, L. Cruz, P. White, R. Schweins, Y. Dolen, E. van Dinther, N. Koen van Riessen, S. Rogers, R. Fokkink, I. Voets, E. van Eck, A. Heerschap, M. Versluis, C.L. de Korte, C. Figdor, J. de Vries, and M. Srinivas
AFM 29, 1806485 (2019)BibTeΧ

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The 10th Complex Motion in Fluids 2020
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