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Supergravitational turbulent thermal convection[Open Access]
H. Jiang, X. Zhu, D. Wang, S.G. Huisman, and C. Sun
Sci. Adv. 6, 1–7 (2020)BibTeΧ
Lifting a sessile oil drop from a superamphiphobic surface with an impacting one[arΧiv]
O.J. Ramírez Soto, V. Sanjay, D. Lohse, J.T. Pham, and D. Vollmer
Sci. Adv. 6, 1–10 (2020)BibTeΧ


Final fate of a Leidenfrost droplet: Explosion or takeoff[Open Access]
S. Lyu, V. Mathai, Y. Wang, B. Sobac, P. Colinet, D. Lohse, and C. Sun
Sci. Adv. 5 (2019)BibTeΧ
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In-air microfluidics enables rapid fabrication of emulsions suspensions, and 3D modular (bio)materials[Open Access]
C.W. Visser, T. Kamperman, L. Karbaat, D. Lohse, and H.B.J. Karperien
Sci. Adv. 4, 1–9 (2018)BibTeΧ

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