UT-studenten ontrafelen natuurkunde achter ultieme ‘water bottle flip’ Youtube-hype leidt tot serieuze wetenschappelijke publicatie
Jacco Snoeijer and Alvaro Marin have just published a paper in American Journal of Physics together with 6 first years students on the physics of Water Bottle Flipping. If you search into the air. In successful attempts, the bottles land squarely on their base and remain upright. During the bachelor course in Module 1, coordinated by Jacco Snoeijer, the students need to team up and perform a physics project of their choice. In this case, the students decided to explore the physics behind water bottle flipping. Together with the students, Alvaro Marin and Jacco Snoeijer turned the project into a scientific publication that it has YouTube for ‘water bottle flipping’, you will find almost 400,000 video clips in which people throw bottles of water – spinning end over end – been just published in American Journal of Physics (Vol.86, Issue 10), and don’t miss the video: featuring original music from Rodrigo Ezeta, Mazi Jalaal and Alvaro Marin!
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