UT Professor Detlef Lohse was appointed as a consultant professor to Northwestern Polytechnical University Xi'an China
On the afternoon of 30th October, the appointment ceremony was held in international meeting centre of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Prof. Detlef Lohse from University of Twente in Netherlands, as oversea academic master in “Aircraft Complex Flow and Control Discipline Innovation Basement”, was appointed as a consultant professor.

Executive vice president Huang Wei, delegates from aviation college, science school, science and technology management department and international cooperation department attended the appointment ceremony. Prof. Yang Zhichun, Dean of the Institute of Aeronautics, briefed the delegates on the academic achievements of Prof. Detlef Lohse.

Huang Wei on behalf of the university, welcomed the joining of Prof. Lohse. He expected that the joining of Professor Lohse will promote the communication and collaboration between Northwestern Polytechnical University and high level universities in Netherlands and boost the international influence of Northwestern Polytechnical University. Prof. Lohse was honoured to be a consultant professor for Northwestern Polytechnical University. He has already built stable, long-termed collaborations with several professors from aviation school and science school of Northwestern Polytechnical University, and published several papers in Physics Review Letter and other journals. He expected a further collaboration in the future.

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