Wed August 28th 2019
11:00 – 12:30
Seminar Spanwise heterogeneity in developing turbulent boundary layers
Nicholas Hutchins


This talk will discuss recent experiments that focus on spanwise heterogeneity in turbulent boundary layers. This will include a discussion of converging-diverging riblet surfaces, and also spanwise heterogeneous surface roughness. Particular attention will be paid to the secondary flows formed over these surfaces, which seem to exhibit certain peak behaviours when the spanwise wavelength of heterogeneity approaches the scale of the boundary layer thickness. These secondary flows have certain similarities with the naturally occurring large-scale features that occur in spanwise homogeneous turbulent boundary layers. This link will be further considered in this talk, where we introduce a series of experiments that aim to look at the decay of spanwise varying wall-shear stress perturbations in developing turbulent boundary layers.
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