Thu October 25th 2007
Seminar Some fundamental aspects of Coaxial Jet Electrosprays
Alvaro Marin


In this presentation I will give an overview of the main research carried out on the fundamental physics of coaxial jet electrosprays. This technique is a simple variation of the classic atomization technique of the electrospray, which have been known and employed for almost a century. However, only its application to mass spectrometry has call the attention of the scientific community receiving the Nobel price (John Fenn, 2002). The Electro-hydrodynamics of the process has been studied deeply in the last decades and therefore most of the basic aspects of this complex processes are well understood nowadays. Almost simultaneously, some new applications were developed, as the coaxial jet electrospray or compound electrospray. In this application, an additional liquid either surrounds or is entrained by the conducting liquid, depending on their relative position. The choice of the relative position not only gives rise to different applications, but also to different physics. More concretely, we will revise some experiments as the appearance of steady conical points inside Taylor cones or the formation of the dielectric liquid layer on the externally coated electrosprays.

Through the talk we will also take a look at some applications developed after these studies like the direct generation of simple and double microemulsions, or to closely related techniques as the generation of micrometric droplets by simple viscous co-flows.
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