Wed April 13th 2011
Seminar Brandaris 128F: Ultra high-speed fluorescence imaging
Erik Gelderblom


“Collect as many photons as possible”; that is in general the task when you are trying to visualize an experiment at ultra high speeds, i.e. frame rates of 1 million frames per second and higher. This is already a challenge when you are imaging in bright field, let alone when fluorescence imaging is required to obtain sufficient contrast in (μ)PIV or to visualize the drug release from a microbubble used in ultrasound imaging.
For this purpose the Brandaris 128 has been combined with a 5W CW laser. It has enabled us to reveal the time-resolved distribution of shell material on a phospholipid coated bubble, to visualize a photo-acoustic effect in oil-filled polymeric capsules, and to study the physical mechanisms of bubble-induced sonoporation.
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