Tue October 27th 2009
HR Z105
Journal Club “Water surface is acidic” vs "The surface of neat water is basic"
Stephan Gekle


“Water surface is acidic” by Buch, Milet, Vacha, Jungwirth and Delvin. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 104, p. 7342 (2007). Vs "The surface of neat water is basic" by Beattie, Djerdjev and Warr. Faraday Discuss. 141, p. 31 (2009).

I will give an introduction into the current controversy about the pH value of the air/liquid interface. The experimental evidence for a preferential adsorption of hydronium (H+) implying an acidic surface and thus low pH will be contrasted with contradicting experiments claiming preferential adsorption of hydroxide (OH-) which would imply a basic surface with a high pH.

To download the papers: click here if you believe water surface is acidic, or here if you believe is basic.
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