Fri November 24th 2023
10:15 – 11:00
HR Z105
Seminar Tackling stratified turbulence with laboratory data
Adrien Lefauve


I will introduce the Stratified Inclined Duct experiment, which sustains a two-layer stratified shear flow for long time periods and allows us to probe a complex variety of wave, turbulent and intermittent behaviours relevant to environmental flows.

I will start by presenting experimental measurements of the time-resolved, three-dimensional velocity and density fields that give access to the energetics of stratified turbulence. This will explain why SID uniquely allows the experimenter to sweep through increasingly turbulent regimes by accurately controlling the level of turbulent kinetic energy dissipation within the duct.

I will then present how different types of turbulence can be automatically discovered by applying an unsupervised dimensionality reduction and clustering technique to a large dataset of over 100 shadowgraph movies covering the two-dimensional parameter space. These results improve upon the previous manual classification of experimental data, and reveal two previously unsuspected intermittent routes to turbulence.
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