Droplet impact

A liquid droplet impinging on a solid surface is a ubiquitous and essential process both in Nature and in technology.  The interplay of several parameters, including liquid type, surface property, and surrounding gas, often produces surprising outcomes and obscures underlying mechanism. With high-speed-imaging, we experimentally study drop impact on micro-and-nano- structured superhydrophobic surfaces, with a focus on the effects of small-scale roughness, impact velocity, and air pressure.

Droplet Impact on frozen surface

Figure 1: impact on a cold surface causing freezing.

Impact of oil on water
Figure 2: Impact of oil on water.

Figure 3: impact of a water drop on sand substrate.

Figure 4: Cover of Langmuir showing water droplet impacting on superhydrophobic carbon nanofiber jungle.

Info: Detlef Lohse, Devaraj van der Meer

Researchers: Pallav Kant, SongChuan Zhao, Rianne de Jong, Oscar Enríquez, Erik-Jan Staat, Hrudya Nair, Yoshi Tagawa, Tuan Tran, Claas-Willem Visser, Amy Tsai, Hélène de Maleprade, Roeland van der Veen, Arturo Susarrey-Arce, Andrea Prosperetti, Chao Sun, Devaraj van der Meer, Detlef Lohse.
Embedding: JMBC, NWO


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