Twente Water Tunnel (TWT)

The Twente Water Tunnel is an 8m high facility in which strong turbulence (up to a Taylor-Reynolds number of 300) can be created using an active grid. Light particles including micro-bubbles, finite-sized bubbles, and hollow spheres can be suspended in the turbulent flow. The setup houses bubble injection islands capable of producing mono-disperse bubbles with a concentration up to 10%. In addition, the size of the mono-disperse bubbles can be varied. These light particles may be made to rise with or against the flow, and can be observed and followed in the measuring section for long-duration tracking. The instrumentation includes 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry, hot-film anemometry, and optical probes. A traverse system enables the movement of the cameras and other devices with the operated mean flow.

The control parameters in the TWT are the density ratio between particles and water, the particle size and concentration, the particle Reynolds number and the Taylor Reynolds number. The questions that we address with the TWT facility are the Lagrangian particle dynamics in the flow and in particular particle clustering, velocity and acceleration statistics, effect of particles on spectra and collision rates, average rise/sink velocity of particles, further Lagrangian aspects, and finally also bubbly drag reduction.

The TWT is a unique facility to explore light particle regime of the phase space in particles in turbulence: relative particle density vs. Stokes number at different turbulence levels.

Below, a video of the micro-bubbles tracked using a Moving Camera-Particle Tracking Velocimetry.


Researchers: Biljana Gvozdić, Elise Alméras, Varghese Mathai, Chao SunDetlef Lohse
Technical staff: Gert-Wim BruggertMartin Bos, and numerous of people of TCO
Collaborators: Hans Kuipers (FCRE-group U. Twente), J.F. Pinton (ENS Lyon), Federico Toschi (TU Eindhoven),  ICTR International Collaboration for Turbulence Research.
Embedding: MESA+, JMBC, European Research Network on Turbulence, ICTR International Collaboration for Turbulence Research. 
Sponsors: European Research Network on Turbulence, FOM, AkzoNobel, TataSteel, DSM, Shell, EuHIT
Previous researchers: Daniel Chehata GómezJulián Martínez MercadoJudith RensenVivek Nagendra PrakashJon BronsYoshi Tagawa


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