TAMIRUT: Targeted Micro-bubbles and Remote Ultrasound Transduction

The TAMIRUT research programme will explore the development of a new ultrasound biosensor for the early detection of prostate cancer. The use of targeted microbubbles that bind to specific cells and the study of the bubbles' behavior under ultrasound insonation will play an important role in the project. Coated microbubbles are efficient reflectors of ultrasound and are used on a regular basis for ultrasound perfusion imaging of heart and liver. We investigate how the dynamics of the microbubbles changes as the bubbles bind to their target cells. Also the behavior of clusters of targeted bubbles will be investigated. In addition, we also study the dynamics of the microbubbles theoretically and numerically.

Info: Michel Versluis

Researchers: Marlies Overvelde, Michel VersluisNico de JongDetlef Lohse.
Collaborators: Esaote (Florence), Fraunhofer Institute (Berlin), Bracco Research (Geneva), SignalGeneriX (Cyprus), DIBE (Genoa), Vermon (Tours), Innsbruck Medical University, Erasmus MC (Rotterdam).
Embedding: BMTi, JMBC
Sponsors: EU-STREP-FP6

Max Planck Gesellschaft
4TU Precision Medicine
Centre for Scientific Computing