NIMTIK: Non-Invasive Molecular Tumor Imaging and Killing

Here we focus on the development of a non-invasive method for early detection of tumors. By attaching specific bio-chemical target markers to microbubbles or by labeling antibodies to cancer cells the transport can be directed. Also the target site can be visualized using ultrasound imaging. This may eventually lead to an increased detection rate of tumors or e.g. trombosis. We also work on the eradication of localized tumors. In addition to the ultrasound techniques aplied in our group the NIMTIK project also includes molecular imaging in the field of photo-acoustics and optical tomography. The synthesis of contrast particles for these techniques is under the guidance of the polymer chemists, while the optimization and signal analysis for each detection method is the task of the electrical engineers.

Info: Michel Versluis

Researchers: Jeroen Sijl, Michel VersluisNico de Jong, Detlef Lohse.
Collaborators: BMO (Ton van Leeuwen, Srirang Manohar), SAS (Kees Slump), PBM (Jan Feijen, Istvan Vermes, Gerard Engbers, Andre Poot)
Sponsors: UT (spearhead program)

Max Planck Gesellschaft
4TU Precision Medicine
Centre for Scientific Computing