BURST: Bubbles for Ultrasound and Therapy

The BURST project is aimed at the development and characterization of a special class of microbubbles for molecular imaging. Microbubbles produce very strong ultrasound echoes and through labeling of specific cell types we hope to be able to detect diseases at an early stage using relatively simple and cheap ultrasound imaging. The new class of bubbles will be characterized using the ultra high-speed camera Brandaris 128.

Info: Michel Versluis

Researchers: Michel Versluis, Nico de JongDetlef Lohse.
Collaborators: Benjamin Dollet (U Rennes), Marcel Böhmer (Philips Research), Remko Boom & Karin Schroën (WUR), Nico de Jong & Annemieke van Wamel (Erasmus MC)
Embedding: BMTi, JMBC
Sponsors: SenterNovem

Max Planck Gesellschaft
4TU Precision Medicine
Centre for Scientific Computing