Journal of Controlled Release

Also known as: J. Control. Release, JCREEC
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Sonoporation of endothelial cells by vibrating targeted microbubbles
K. Kooiman, M. Foppen-Harteveld, A.F.W. van der Steen, and N. de Jong
J. Control. Release 154, 35 – 41 (2011)BibTeΧ


Oil-filled polymer microcapsules for ultrasound-mediated delivery of lipophilic drugs
K. Kooiman, M.R. Böhmer, M. Emmer, H.J. Vos, C. Chlon, W.T. Shi, C.S. Hall, S.H. de Winter, K. Schroën, M. Versluis, N. de Jong, and A. van Wamel
J. Control. Release 133, 109 – 118 (2009)BibTeΧ


Vibrating microbubbles poking individual cells: Drug transfer into cells via sonoporation
A. van Wamel, K. Kooiman, M. Foppen-Harteveld, M. Emmer, F.J. ten Cate, M. Versluis, and N. de Jong
J. Control. Release 112, 149 – 155 (2006)BibTeΧ

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