Ultrasonics sonochemistry

Also known as: Ultrason. Sonochem., ULSOER
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Measuring cavitation and its cleaning effect
B. Verhaagen and D. Fernández Rivas
Ultrason. Sonochem. 29, 619 – 628 (2016)BibTeΧ


Mechanics of collapsing cavitation bubbles[arΧiv]
L. van Wijngaarden
Ultrason. Sonochem. 29, 524 – 527 (2015)BibTeΧ


Sonochemical and high-speed optical characterization of cavitation generated by an ultrasonically oscillating dental file in root canal models
R.G. Macedo, B. Verhaagen, D. Fernández Rivas, H.J.G.E. Gardeniers, L.W.M. van der Sluis, P.R. Wesselink, and M. Versluis
Ultrason. Sonochem. 21, 324 (2014)BibTeΧ
Radical production inside an acoustically driven microbubble
L. Stricker and D. Lohse
Ultrason. Sonochem. 21, 336 – 345 (2014)BibTeΧ


Ultrasound artificially nucleated bubbles and their sonochemical radical production
D. Fernández Rivas, L. Stricker, A.G. Zijlstra, H.J.G.E. Gardeniers, D. Lohse, and A. Prosperetti
Ultrason. Sonochem. 20, 510–524 (2013)BibTeΧ


Sonoluminescence and sonochemiluminescence from a microreactor[arΧiv]
D. Fernández Rivas, M. Ashokkumar, T. Leong, K. Yasui, T. Tuziuti, S. Kentish, D. Lohse, and H.J.G.E. Gardeniers
Ultrason. Sonochem. 19, 1252–1259 (2012)BibTeΧ

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