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Wall modeled immersed boundary method for high Reynolds number flow over complex terrain[arΧiv]
L. Liu and R.J.A.M. Stevens
Computers & Fluids 104604 (2020)BibTeΧ
Heart rate effects on the ventricular hemodynamics and mitral valve kinematics
V. Meschini, F. Viola, and R. Verzicco
Computers & Fluids 197, 104359 (2020)BibTeΧ


Comparison of computational codes for direct numerical simulations of turbulent Rayleigh–Bénard convection[arΧiv]
G.L. Kooij, M.A. Botchev, E.M.A. Frederix, B.J. Geurts, S. Horn, D. Lohse, E.P. van der Poel, O. Shishkina, R.J.A.M. Stevens, and R. Verzicco
Computers & Fluids 166, 30, 1–8 (2018)BibTeΧ


A pencil distributed finite difference code for strongly turbulent wall-bounded flows[arΧiv]
E.P. van der Poel, R. Ostilla Mónico, J. Donners, and R. Verzicco
Computers & Fluids 116, 10 – 16 (2015)BibTeΧ


Modeling of vortex dynamics in the wake of a marine propeller
R. Muscari, A. Di Mascio, and R. Verzicco
Computers & Fluids 73, 65–79 (2013)BibTeΧ


Turbulence modification by periodically modulated scale-dependent forcing
A.K. Kuczaj, B.J. Geurts, D. Lohse, and W. van de Water
Computers & Fluids 37, 816 – 824 (2008)BibTeΧ

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