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Potential response of single successive constant-current-driven electrolytic hydrogen bubbles spatially separated from the electrode[Open Access]
A. Raman, P. Peñas López, D. van der Meer, D. Lohse, H.J.G.E. Gardeniers, and D. Fernández Rivas
Electrochimica Acta 425, 140691 (2022)BibTeΧ
The effect of buoyancy driven convection on the growth and dissolution of bubbles on electrodes[arΧiv]
F. Sepahi, N. Pande, K.L. Chong, G. Mul, R. Verzicco, D. Lohse, B. Mei, and D.J. Krug
Electrochimica Acta 403, 139616 (2022)BibTeΧ

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