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FSEI-GPU: GPU accelerated simulations of the fluid-structure-electrophysiology interaction in the left heart[arΧiv]
F. Viola, V. Spandan, V. Meschini, J. Romero, M. Fatica, M. de Tullio, and R. Verzicco
Comp. Phys. Comm. 273, 108248 (2022)BibTeΧ


AFiD-GPU: A versatile Navier–Stokes solver for wall-bounded turbulent flows on GPU clusters[arΧiv]
X. Zhu, E. Phillips, V. Spandan, J. Donners, G. Ruetsch, J. Romero, R. Ostilla Mónico, Y. Yang, D. Lohse, R. Verzicco, M. Fatica, and R.J.A.M. Stevens
Comp. Phys. Comm. 229, 199–210 (2018)BibTeΧ

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