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GPU accelerated digital twins of the human heart open new routes for cardiovascular research[Open Access]
F. Viola, G. Del Corso, R. De Paulis, and R. Verzicco
Scientific Reports 13, 8230 1–18 (2023)BibTeΧ


Formation and dissolution of microbubbles on highly-ordered plasmonic nanopillar arrays
X. Liu, L. Bao, M. Dipalo, F. Di Angelis, and X. Zhang
Scientific Reports 5, 9 (2015)BibTeΧ
Optimizing cell viability in droplet-based cell deposition
J. Hendriks, C.W. Visser, S. Henke, J. Leijten, D.B.F. Saris, C. Sun, D. Lohse, and H.B.J. Karperien
Scientific Reports 5, 11304 (2015)BibTeΧ

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