Renewable Energy

Also known as: Renew. Energ.
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A three-dimensional dynamic mode decomposition analysis of wind farm flow aerodynamics[arΧiv]
X. Dai, X. Da, M. Zhang, and R.J.A.M. Stevens
Renew. Energ. 191, 608–624 (2022)BibTeΧ


Effects of atmospheric stability on the performance of a wind turbine located behind a three-dimensional hill[Open Access]
L. Liu and R.J.A.M. Stevens
Renew. Energ. 175, 926–935 (2021)BibTeΧ
Modeling dynamic wind direction changes in large eddy simulations of wind farms[Open Access]
A. Stieren, S. Nagarada Gadde, and R.J.A.M. Stevens
Renew. Energ. 170, 1342–1352 (2021)BibTeΧ


Comparison of wind farm large eddy simulations using actuator disk and actuator line models with wind tunnel experiments[Open Access]
R.J.A.M. Stevens, L. Martinez-Tossas, and C. Meneveau
Renew. Energ. 116-A, 470–478 (2018)BibTeΧ


Validation of four LES and a vortex model against stereo-PIV measurements in the near wake of an actuator disc and a wind turbine[Open Access]
L.E. Lignarolo, D. Mehta, R.J.A.M. Stevens, A.E. Yilmaz, G. van Kuik, S. Andersen, C. Meneveau, C.J. Ferreira, D. Ragni, J. Meyers, G.J. van Bussel, and J. Holierhoek
Renew. Energ. 94, 510–523 (2016)BibTeΧ


A concurrent precursor inflow method for Large Eddy Simulations and applications to finite length wind farms[arΧiv]
R.J.A.M. Stevens, J. Graham, and C. Meneveau
Renew. Energ. 68, 46 – 50 (2014)BibTeΧ

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