International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

Also known as: Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, IJHMT
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Dynamics heat and mass transfer of a plasmonic bubble on a solid surface
Y. Zhang and A. Prosperetti
Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 167, 120814 (2021)BibTeΧ
Ultrasound-enhanced mass transfer during the growth and dissolution of surface gas bubbles
P. Peñas-López, Á. Moreno Soto, D. Lohse, G.P.R. Lajoinie, and D. van der Meer
Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 174, 121069 (2021)BibTeΧ


Vapour cooling of poorly conducting hot substrates increases the dynamic Leidenfrost temperature
M. A. J. van Limbeek, M. Shirota, C.P. Sleutel, C. Sun, A. Prosperetti, and D. Lohse
Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 97, 101 – 109 (2016)BibTeΧ


Bubble growth on an impulsively powered microheater
Z. Yin, A. Prosperetti, and J. Kim
Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 47, 1053 – 1067 (2004)BibTeΧ


The collapse of vapor bubbles in a spatially non-uniform flow
Y. Hao and A. Prosperetti
Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 43, 3539 – 3550 (2000)BibTeΧ

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2021 2
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