Mon February 4th 2019
10:30 – 11:30
Seminar Turbulent structures in boundary layers
Rio Baidya


The talk will examine the role of turbulent structures in three different boundary layer configurations.

For the first part of the talk, the contributing scales to the spanwise and wall-normal velocities will be examined for high Reynolds number wall turbulence and their Reynolds number scaling will be discussed.

For the second part, the influence of spanwise varying perturbation on a boundary layer evolution is investigated, where the spanwise wavelength of the perturbation is found to play a critical role in determining the downstream development and evolution towards an asymptotic state.

The last part of the talk examines the unsteady shock formation in a compressible boundary layer. The instantaneous shock front and the turbulent structures residing within the boundary layer are simultaneously captured and the influence of turbulent structures on the interaction processes is investigated.
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