Wed August 22nd 2018
10:00 – 12:30
HT 700A
Master defense An improved immersed boundary method for Neumann boundary conditions with the applications to diffusiophoresis
Yibo Chen


We present a boundary condition enforced immersed boundary method to simulate three-dimensional incompressible viscous flows with Neumann boundary conditions. The main ideas are: a) We use two probes inside the immersed body to derive the physical quantities on the boundary which satisfies the Neumann boundary condition with 2nd order accuracy; b) We developed a force correction scheme to calculate the Lagrangian forces. These techniques were implemented in a second order finite difference solver. The improved method has been tested extensively in the context of diffusiophoresis, with the example of Janus particles. The results agrees very well with these reported in literature. UT Announcement colloquia
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