Wed March 27th 2019
15:00 – 16:00
Seminar Parallel Rendering for Scientific Visualization in Fluid Dynamics
Jean Michel Favre


Supercomputer-based simulations generate an ever-growing quantity of data at spatial and temporal resolutions which stress both the scientific visualization resources, and our ability to interact with and interpret the fine resolution data. Advanced rendering techniques and the support for real-time interaction are keys to provide effective data analysis and visualization. We will focus our talk on the visualization of 3D volumetric data which can provide realistic nature-like renderings of fluid data with ParaView. ParaView is an open-source parallel visualization application used in many areas of scientific simulation and is particularly suited to problems in engineering, and physics. Two new rendering plugins are now integrated in ParaView, delivering stunning performance and a very rich environment for photo-realistic visualizations. Intel's OSPRay, a fully multi-threaded library running on multi-core CPUs provides photo-realistic renderings, including volumetric effects such as refraction, reflection and shadows. NVIDIA's IndeX runs on GPUs and provides the highest performance for volume rendering of 3D gridded data. Both packages offer today an unprecedented level of performance and high fidelity to visualize Fluid Data. We will present both in their application to two fluid flow visualization showcases of sheared thermal convection and of air entrainment by a plunging jet.

Biography: Dr. Jean M. Favre joined the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre in 1995. He is staff member in the User Engagement & Support section and leads the Scientific Visualization Task. Dr. Favre contributes to visualisation projects for the whole Swiss academic community with special interests in parallel and large-scale computing, and open-source visualization environments. He is a contributor to the widely known VisIt and ParaView applications. Dr. Favre has contributed to the graphics community with paper reviews for the IEEE CG&A, the IEEE TVCG and the IEE CSE, tutorials at the SIGGRAPH, IEEE Vis, ISC, Supercomputing conferences and PRACE, and committee duties at the Eurographics and Supercomputing conferences.
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