Mon December 11th 2017
14:00 – 15:00
Seminar [CANCELLED] Mixing in particulate suspensions and porous media
Mathieu Souzy


We investigate experimentally mixing in sheared particulate suspensions and porous media, at low Reynolds number. In sheared suspension, the successive collisions between particles deviate the laminar streamlines, and thus induce disturbances in the fluid phase, which produce efficient mixing. When injecting a dye in a porous media, it's the tortuous geometry that leads to stretching and folding of material surfaces, resulting in fast homogenization of the concentration levels. To characterize mixing in these configurations, we measure fluid velocity fields by performing high spatial resolution PIV experiments. Using these velocity fields, we reconstruct the stretching histories of fluid material lines to determine the stretching laws, crucial for the understanding of the mixing process. Based on the complete characterization of the kinematic of deformation, one can predict the evolution of the concentration distribution. Prior to measuring experimentally concentration distribution which will be compare to the predictions, we determine the minimal spatial resolution needed to resolve at all times the evolution of the concentration distribution.
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