Tue May 23rd 2017
11:00 – 12:00
Seminar Are microfluidic biochips the 'arduinos' for biology?
Mirela Alistar


Traditionally, biochips are developed with the purpose of being used by lab technicians or biologists in laboratories or clinics. I take further this vision, by exploring the possibility of developing an integrated platformfor personal use of biochips. Such a platform enables interested users to develop and program their own applications, ranging from fragrance design to molecular gastronomy.

In my work, I address the main challenges that users may encounter: accessibility, bio-protocol design and interaction with microfluidics. I believe this is a first step towards personal laboratories: small portable devices that people can own and use to develop customized bio-protocols ('bio-apps'), similar to today’s Arduinos.

I will present my work around biochips, finishing with a live demo of my latest device.
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