Wed May 24th 2017
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar On the origin of discrete particle modeling of gas-fluidized beds
Bob Hoomans


In this presentation Bob will shed light on the birth of the discrete particle modeling simulation technique for gas-fluidised beds. Back in the 90’s he started this branch of simulation techniques in his MSc graduation project with Hans Kuipers at the University of Twente and continued to work on it in his PhD project. Highlight was the 1996 paper in Chemical Engineering Science by Hoomans, Kuipers, Briels and van Swaaij that up to today received over 500 citations on Web of Science (and over 600 citations on Scopus and over 800 citations on google scholar). The synergy of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Molecular Dynamics (or better: Granular Dynamics) turned out to provide a very fertile platform for many follow up studies on multiphase flows. The talk will highlight some key choices made in the development process and features plenty of photographic material setting the scene in which this work was performed back in the 90’s.
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