Wed November 2nd 2016
16:30 – 17:00
Seminar From Liquid Crystals to Granular Matter
Kirsten Harth


As I have recently started my Postdoc in the PoF Group, I would like to introduce myself and my previous research at the University of Magdeburg in this seminar lecture. The seminar will not go into much detail on each topic, I would rather like to provide a brief overview of my previous experience to find maybe new connection points for projects, discussions etc with you.
I collected my first research experiences were with smectic liquid crystals, materials which have the fascinating property that they can form homogeneous nanometer-thin free-standing films, which are long-term stable. These films are useful for investigating the effects of confinement e.g. on phase transitions, pattern formation, or flow behavior of in-plane isotropic and anisotropic fluids. Similar to soap films, one can prepare sessile or free-floating bubbles, even shells submerged in aqueous surfactant solutions. When shape relaxation or rupture dynamics are investigated, the immense influence of the internal structure becomes evident, leading to a behavior intermediate between simple fluids and elastic membranes. Apart from this, I was investigating granular materials is several experiments. One especially interesting systems are granular gases, loose ensembles of grains. In both fields, we performed a number of experiments in micro-gravity, using the drop tower, parabolic flights, sounding rockets and the ISS.
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