Wed November 9th 2016
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Anisotropy & non-wetting dynamics
Anaïs Gauthier


Drops dynamics in non-wetting situations are often spectacular: adhesion is so low that drops can bounce-off, and reduced friction considerably enhances drop mobility. Breaking the isotropy often leads to even more surprising events, and we illustrate this aspect though three examples of increasing hydrophobicity.
First, we discuss the unexpected isotropic behaviour of drops sitting on very anisotropic superhydrophobic surfaces, a phenomenon that can be explained through contact line dynamics. Then, on a larger scale, we see how breaking the symmetry of impact - by decorating a water-repellent surface with macrotextures, leads to a contact time reduction close to 50%. Finally, we discuss dynamic hydrophobicity, where levitation is induced for any liquid deposited on a translating surface: we study how this anisotropically induced levitation differs from the classical levitation over a hot solid.
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