Wed October 5th 2016
16:30 – 17:00
Seminar Measuring inside the nozzle of a printhead
Arjan Fraters


Knowing what happens inside the nozzles of a printhead is important for prevention of bubble entrapment and directional instabilities. Doing measurements inside the nozzle is however a major challenge due to the non-transparency of silicon MEMS chip on the printhead, and due to the small time- and length-scales involved in bubble entrapment and meniscus shape instabilities. Three different visualization techniques have been employed to image several processes inside the nozzle of printhead. The digital holographic microscope from Lyncee Tec has shown to be a valuable tool in the research on meniscus shape instabilities. Infrared imaging reveals the dynamics of bubbles inside the MEMS printhead. Deterministic bubble entrapment can imaged with great detail in a glass nozzle by stroboscopic imaging using iLIF.
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