Wed April 20th 2016
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Combustion reaction in electrochemically generated microbubbles
Vitaly Svetovoy


Combustion in a small volume is considered as impossible since the heat produced by the reaction escapes too fast via the volume boundaries to sustain the reaction. Nevertheless, combustion was observed previously in nanobubbles produced by electrochemical water decomposition. All observations of the combustion in nanobubbles are indirect because of a short time scale (1 us) and small size (100 nm) of the objects. I describe new experiments where combustion proceeds in microbubbles, which can be directly observed optically. Different techniques such as fast video, interferometry, sound, and current analysis are combined together. High application potential of the combustion in small volumes for fabrication of different kinds of microengines is explained. Long time stability of metallic electrodes is investigated in relation to fabrication of an engine for microfluidics. High resolution SEM images of electrodes are discussed.
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