Tue March 1st 2016
16:00 – 16:30
Seminar Droplet manipulation: from solids through evaporation to freezing
Robin Koldeweij


Development of technology and new materials for additive manufacturing is one of the main topics of TNO Eindhoven. This comprises food and non-food related subjects. The next step in both technology lines is to go towards multi-material objects. For this a high level understanding of material interaction is needed.
Two of the main process methods of additive manufacturing are powder based (fusion) and direct inkjet printing. We have studied the creation of well-defined powders through various methods.
Droplet impactation on surfaces with direct solidification is studied. Mechanisms like contact line pinning and freeze induced splashing have been shown in literature but currently no adequate understanding is available. Numerical analysis of droplet solidification will be necessary to further understand the mechanisms behind these interactions. To this end, the capabilities of Gerris with regards to phase change are examined. An experimental setup is being built. These two tools will help close the knowledge gap in understanding solidification.
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