Wed February 17th 2016
16:00 – 16:30
Seminar Droplet wetting on elliptical patch
Ivan Dević


Droplet wetting properties of chemically patterned surfaces are of great interest to many industrial applications, but due to geometrical complexity of the systems, they present a problem to theoretical research. In this work, we use Surface evolver, free software designed for minimising surface energy of a system by a gradient descent method, to look into wetting properties of a droplet sitting on a single chemical elliptical patch. We observe four different wetting phases of a droplet, similar to those observed by Brinkmann and Lipowsky [2002] on a single stripe chemical patch, which is an asymptotic solution of an elliptical one. Aim of this work is to understand correlations between geometrical and chemical parameters in our system, since those are directly affecting efficiency of this kind of chemical patches.
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