Wed February 3rd 2016
16:30 – 17:00
HR Z203
Seminar Bubbles in piezo-acoustic inkjet printers
Arjan Fraters


Entrapped air bubbles in piezo-acoustic inkjet printers is one of the main research topics in the cooperation between PoF and Océ (developer of industrial digital printing systems). Air bubbles are entrapped through the nozzle and grow by rectified diffusion inside the ink channel. These bubbles disturb the printing process and can cause complete nozzle failure. To understand how these bubbles are entrapped and how exactly they behave inside the printhead, direct visual observation of the bubbles inside the ink channels is required. Since the ink channels are located in a silicon chip, which is opaque for visible light but transparent for infrared light above 1200 nm wavelength, currently an infrared imaging setup is being developed. This setup will enable the imaging of the bubbles at the different states of the entrapment process. Correlating the visual observations with the measured acoustic signals will help predicting not only the size, but also the position of the bubble inside the ink channel based on acoustic detection alone.
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