Mon December 7th 2015
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Molecular dynamics study on evaporation and reflection of monatomic molecules to construct kinetic boundary condition in vapor-liquid equilibrium or non-equilibrium state
Kazumichi Kobayashi


With progression of advanced technologies using net evaporation/condensation, heat and mass transfer between liquid and vapor phases has become very important in recent years from the viewpoints of molecular and micro-scale mass transfer. Net evaporation and condensation originate from molecules outgoing from and colliding onto a vapor-liquid interface. Molecular gas dynamics (MGD) based on the molecular velocity distribution function, which is governed by the Boltzmann equation, is capable of describing vapor flows in the vicinity of the interface. We introduce our study to investigate the precise characteristics of a boundary condition of the Boltzmann equation in a vapor-liquid equilibrium or non-equilibrium state by using molecular dynamics simulations. In this study, we carefully investigate the characteristics of evaporation and reflection of molecules related to the boundary condition of the Boltzmann equation using a method for counting the evaporating and reflecting. Furthermore, we discuss about the existence of a spontaneous evaporation molecular mass flux which takes a constant value independent of the degree of net evaporation/condensation.
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