Thu July 23rd 2015
16:15 – 17:15
Seminar Matlab killed the jet colour map, and we should follow
Rodolfo Ostilla Mónico


From version 2014b MATLAB decided to discontinue the use of the "jet" colourmap, and switched instead to a new blueish-yellowish colourmap called "parula". In this seminar we will visit the reasons behind the change, and explain why it is not only a good move, but a necessary one. We will see the different ways of representing colour, be it RGB, CMYK or HSL (HSV). We will show how to get custom colourmaps in Matlab, and also show how different solutions apply to different colours, and end up by showing that there is never a single tool that fits all purposes. If time permits, I will also show different visualization tools, like Paraview and Visit, which Yantao, Erwin and I use for making nice pictures.
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