Wed June 10th 2015
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Out-of-equilibrium measure of critical parameters for second order phase transitions
Matteo Lulli


After a review of some related concepts I will present a new scaling ansatz based on the dynamic Renormalization Group framework which allows to measure the entire set of critical parameters for any second-order phase transition. In particular, I will show results in the case of the 3D Ising spin-glass model which turn out to be the second most precise ever obtained. This result is very important since it is the first time that the critical temperature is obtained in the out-of-equilibrium relaxation taking into account finite-size scaling corrections. Moreover, previous estimates have been obtained with massive computing resources which in this new framework are no longer needed as far as the critical properties are concerned. I will also give a brief introduction to the CUDA GPU environment explaining some implementation strategies which allowed to get performances comparable to those of dedicated FPGA hardware, namely to the Janus supercomputer.
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