Wed March 25th 2015
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Unraveling the origin of the liquid-liquid transition in tetrahedral particles
Laura Filion


One of the most fascinating and yet controversial hypotheses for explaining the origin of the numerous thermodynamic anomalies characterizing liquid water postulates the presence of a metastable, second-order, liquid-liquid critical point (LLCP) . Located in the so-called ´´no-man´s land´´, where spontaneous crystallization obscures the liquid-liquid phase transition, it is impossible to directly access the LLCP experimentally in order to conclusively prove its existence. In this talk I will examine this challenging problem from two different directions. Namely, I will i) explore the LLCP using a simple, single-component patchy-particle model (inspired by colloidal model systems) which allows us to identify two key ingredients which control the existence and stability of a LLCP, as well as ii) introduce a simple theoretical model based on Wertheim theory that allows us to explore the liquid-liquid phase transition.
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