Thu May 22nd 2014
Seminar Applications of High‐Frequency Ultrasonics in Microfluidics
James Friend


The transmission of acoustic waves through materials and across interfacial discontinuities is a centuries‐old area of research. A rather curious application of ultrasonic acoustic radiation—actuation of fluids and particles within them—has renewed interest in this area and exposed phenomena that are not explained by previous theories once viewed as canon, such as capillary wave turbulence phenomena. During the talk applications of these phenomena will be proffered, including fingernail‐sized microdevices to atomize sessile droplets for drug encapsulation, pulmonary drug delivery and nanoparticle formulation; devices for droplet jetting and manipulation; a device for fluid pumping and particle segregation in closed microfludics structures; submicron fluid film formation and propagation using surface acoustic waves, and peculiar poloidal flows generated via Lamb wave excitation. Along the way, the underlying physical phenomena will be touched upon, and the potential future of this area will bring the presentation to a close.
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