Wed May 28th 2014
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Elastohydrodynamics of Thin Layer Flow In Impacting/Squeezing Contacts
C.H. Venner


Many contacts in machine elements are separated by thin layers of oil. As the contacting pressures are high the surfaces significantly deform giving rise to an interesting Elasto-Hydrodynamic coupling. The problem is related to the interaction of bubbles in a flow and between bubbles and a solid wall. In this lecture first a brief overview is given of achievements in the understanding of the behavior of rolling contacts, in particular the self similar behavior that was recently found and the implications for the understanding of the deformation of surface patterns in rolling/sliding contacts. Next results are presented of the case of contacts with pure squeeze/impacting motion. Experimental and new theoretical results are presented with some novel results showing a scaling of the centerline separation which has not been recognized before.
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