Fri September 21st 2007
Seminar TNO Flow and Structural Dynamics
Wouter Schiferli


TNO Flow & Structural Dynamics specializes in pulsation and vibration problems. This encompasses a wide range of phenomena. Pulsations may be induced by compressors and pumps, which may lead to harmful pulsations and vibrations in a piping system. Dynamic phenomena in the flow itself may also induce pressure fluctuations. These flow-induced pulsations may be caused by vortex shedding or jet instabilities. Software tools have been developed in-house to model these phenomena.

The above examples occur in single-phase flow. Multiphase flow poses additional challenges in modelling, since a seemingly simple calculation such as a pressure drop prediction is no longer straightforward. In the operation of oil or gas wells, two-phase flow may lead to flow instabilities. At certain flow conditions, gas wells become unstable, ending production. The presence of slug flow may lead to unacceptable pressure fluctuations and vibrations. Problems in multiphase are tackled at both large and small scales, varying from oil and gas production systems to very small channels used in immersion lithography.

During the talk, an overview will be given of some of the problems mentioned above, as well as the methods used to solve them. Since we are continuously developing our tools, much work remains in modelling both flow-induced pulsations in single and multiphase flows.
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