Thu September 4th 2008
Seminar On the two-way interactions between dispersed particles and turbulent flows
Said Elghobashi


Particle-laden turbulent flows are ubiquitous in nature (e.g. dust storms on Earth and Mars) and in industrial applications (e.g. liquid fuel and pulverized coal sprays in combus- tion chambers). Experimental and numerical studies of these flows are quite challenging due to the wide spectra of length- and time-scales of the dispersed particles in addition to the spectra of scales intrinsic to the carrier fluid turbulence. The two-way nonlinear interactions between the dispersed particles and the turbulence result in complex multi- scale physical phenomena.
The lecture focuses on the physical mechanisms of the two-way interactions between dispersed spherical particles and simple turbulent flows using Direct Numerical Simu- lation (DNS). Particles whose diameter is smaller than the Kolmogorov length scale of turbulence are simulated as point particles. Results of particle-laden isotropic and ho- mogeneous shear turbulent flows are presented.
Particles with diameter larger than the Kolmogorov length scale are fully resolved us- ing the Immersed Boundary method. Results of fully resolved particle-laden isotropic turbulence are presented.
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