Wed December 3rd 2008
Seminar Surface oscillations on bubbles; Experiments and the Bjerknes connection
Leen van Wijngaarden


First the experiments by Veldhuis (2007) on surface oscillations are reviewed. Next available theoretical and computational results are discussed. It appears that no analytical work exists apart from that in chapter 8 of the thesis of Christian Veldhuis. This, however, gives frequencies for the (2.0) mode which increase with effective bubble diameter, in contrast with experimental findings.
Next an attempt is described to directly calculate the frequency of the (2.0) mode, with the help of a paper from 1873(!) by the father of V.F.K. Bjerknes (the one of the Bjerknes Force).
Also the results of this, like those by Veldhuis, give a frequency which increases with effective bubble diameter. It is explained why this is so and a significant improvement is shown.
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