Wed March 11th 2009
Seminar Curvature of Lagrangian Trajectories in Turbulence
Haitao Xu


We report measurements of the curvature of Lagrangian trajectories in an intensely turbulent laboratory water flow measured with a high-speed particle-tracking system. The probability density function (PDF) of the instantaneous curvature is shown to have robust power-law tails. We propose a model for the instantaneous curvature PDF, assuming that the acceleration and velocity are uncorrelated Gaussian random variables, and show that our model reproduces the tails of our measured PDFs. We also predict the scaling of the most probable vorticity magnitude in turbulence, assuming Heisenberg-Yaglom scaling.
Finally, we average the curvature along trajectories and show that, by removing the effects of large-scale flow reversals, the filtered curvature reveals the turbulent features.
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